Pros and Cons of an Apartment on the Sunny Side

What flats in Dubai should we choose: shadowed ones or sunny? Both of these variants have advantages and disadvantages.

Why sunny

On the one hand, an apartment on the sunny side has natural light. The sun’s rays will successfully refresh any interior and will perfectly harmonize in the interior of both dark and light shades. You will get good savings on lighting fixtures, and indoor plants feel great here, especially light-loving ones.

windows of an apartments
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Why shadowed

On the other hand, summer is going to be hard. Opening windows cannot cope with the heat, bright light will wake you up in the mornings on weekends, and also – the upholstery of the furniture will quickly fade.

Height is important too

The height also plays a role. If the apartment is on the first or third floor, then the sunny side will be an advantage. Neighboring houses will cast a shadow, and as a result, the apartment will be cozy, bright and warm, but you will not have to suffer from the heat.

Ideal option

The ideal option is if the windows face different sides of the house. The kitchen, living room, dining room can be located on the sunny side, but the bedroom “loves” the shady side – the sun will not disturb there, you can always hide from the heat, and it will be easy to ventilate the apartment.

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In fact, the role is played not so much by the sunny and shady side of the house, but by the orientation of the windows to the cardinal points. It is bad when the windows face north – the shadow will be constant. The south is a constant heat. The best option is housing with windows to the west or east – the sun will illuminate the apartment once a day, while it will not be too gloomy or too stuffy.

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