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How Often Should Velux Windows Be Replaced

Dormer windows are very popular all over the world due to their distinctive features and advantages. On the Internet, you can stumble upon both negative and positive reviews. But what is not criticized is their durability. For example, velux roof windows will serve you under the manufacturer’s warranty for 10 years, and with proper operation this is not the limit.


For attic-type windows, special fittings are used, which differs from the traditional fittings of plastic windows. This type is not supplied separately, as is usually practiced by window companies offering accessories for ordinary windows.

office with an attic window
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Accessories for skylight windows are made to order and cannot be found in a wide sale. Dormer windows are a universal solution for both residential buildings and office buildings. The fittings due to their material are particularly strong and durable, most likely you will not need to replace it, only if you want to change the size of the window.

The problem in winter

If you entrust the installation of an attic window to a layman, then a situation may happen when the window will leak due to snow.

The resulting water, as a result of an increase in the outside temperature, flows down the inclined surface of the glass to the surface of the window block and freezes on it in its solid aggregate state, giving a load on the seal. After some time, this leads to the fact that the ice deforms the sealer, and water begins to flow into the inside of the window block.

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To fix this problem, you do not need to change the window. It is enough to clean the surface of the window attic block from snow, wipe it dry and treat the rubber bands of the sealer with a silicone compound.

In conclusion, roof windows with the right operating conditions and care will please for many years. Manufacturers are confident in themselves, because they give a 10—year warranty for frames and 20 years for glasses, but they recommend painting the frames as necessary, and checking the condition of the fittings every few years and lubricating the hinges with a special lubricant.

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