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Preparing to plant a lawn: what you need to know

Planting a lawn is a crucial moment for any owner. Especially if you decide to do everything yourself. To make the site beautiful, fluffy and even, you need to correctly determine the place, pick up herbs and seeds, take into account the time of year for sowing and do the arrangement in a good mood. However, if you do not want to bother about planting, you can always contact the specialists – Artificial Grass Installation Rochdale.

Spring and autumn planting is preferable to summer planting. In summer, the seeds germinate worse, there is no necessary moisture and a lot of care is required after planting. When to plant a lawn, everyone decides for himself. Many agronomists and lawn specialists recommend the fall period, but if you didn’t have time to plant in the fall, it’s okay. This can be done successfully in the spring. Sowing can be started as soon as night temperatures do not drop below freezing. You can start in April – May, as soon as the snow melts. If an automatic irrigation system is planned, lay it before filling the fertile soil for drainage. If you are planting in May, you need to water the soil abundantly, do it regularly!

Land for planting must be very well cultivated and fertilized. Choose a flat area, without cavities and pits. Otherwise, after the rains, water will stagnate in the lowlands, the lawn will quickly lose its beauty in such places.

For a healthy lawn, the “correct” soil acidity is important. Ph should be around 5.5. Before sowing, find out the acidity of the soil, if it is low, you can sprinkle it with lime, mix with the ground and water thoroughly. The day of planting should be warm and calm: the seeds will not scatter and the lawn will be more lush.

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