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Progress does not stand still and human imagination knows no limits, which is why we do not get tired of being surprised by new and interesting embodiments of various ideas and projects, such as jacuzzi tub with bbq kamado grill under one roof. Such ideas are very popular because they include two of the most significant objects connected together.

Kamado jacuzzi with bbq grill under the same roof or in the same building is a very complicated project, since these 2 objects combined together must be placed correctly and built in strict compliance with all safety standards and requirements. Combining both elements together will allow you to cook delicious meat or vegetables in the company of friends and family after the jacuzzi, without going far away.

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Design features

The jacuzzi with bbq project should have a number of specific design features, due to which the use of such an object will be safe, and the placement of each zone as correct and harmonious as possible. Both objects under the same roof should be assembled from suitable materials, since both objects will be exposed to high temperatures, as well as their sudden changes.

Both objects that will be in close proximity to each other, and thus they can be used almost simultaneously, thereby combining two pleasures into one at once.

In order to minimize all risks of accidental ignition, it is necessary to carefully and correctly isolate all surfaces (floor, walls) near the barbecue. This will prevent a fire from occurring even in the case of sparks.


At the first stage, it is necessary to determine what design the building for a jacuzzi with a bbq will have. Will it be a classic style, which is characterized by the presence of a log cabin? A gazebo or a covered building can be complemented with laconic objects. If you want to choose a modern design for the implementation, complement the structure with materials such as metal, refractory glass, mosaic, chrome details, decorative bricks.

A jacuzzi with a gazebo and a barbecue under one roof can be placed in absolutely different ways – you can place them side by side, or separate them with a wall, a partition, jacuzzi will be behind one of partition, and a food zone- behind the second.

The terrace and the room itself can have different dimensions and shapes, everything depends on your wishes and the chosen style, the design features of the house itself.

Photo by Vincent Keiman on Unsplash

Jacuzzi with gazebo and bbq under one roof differs in that it is impossible to use only one material to assemble such a structure. Wood, brick, metal supports will be required for construction. Often the bearing part itself is made of brick, which can later be faced with lining, and you can also immediately use a rounded or profiled type of timber. It is better to make the roof of the structure on the basis of polycarbonate or metal tiles.

If you want to use wood as the main or facing material, opt for hardwoods, but not coniferous ones, since they are very flammable and can discharge resin.

In order to make such a complex even more functional, you can complement it with a bathroom, as well as separate the jacuzzi and bbq with a room in which it will retain a little heat, but at the same time it will become a kind of transition.

You can see types of jacuzzi for sale. The dimensions of the jacuzzi are calculated completely individually and depend on how much free space you have at your disposal, as well as the budget that you are ready to invest in the implementation of this project. Find out jacuzzi price online.

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