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TVs and Conservatories

TVs set up in conservatories can bear the brunt of extreme heat and extreme cold, depending on how modern and well heated your conservatory is. While my bloke is certain extreme heat isn’t a problem because ‘we live in England; it is never extremely hot’, it doesn’t have to be warm for the sun to gun your windows. And for that matter, extreme cold temperatures for most flat panel TVs (LG, Panasonic, Sony and Samsung) is between 20 and 60 Celsius. The TVs internal temperature needs to be between an absolute minimum of 0 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees Celsius and ‘proper operation’ cannot be guaranteed if you attempt to use your TV outside of these temperatures. To read, in more detail, answers to questions about flat panel TVs and how they are affected by temperature and temperature change, view this discussion on wiki answers. If you’re thinking of adding a TV to your conservatory, it’s worth finding out about these things.

Further (and although I’ve never seen any proof to justify it) I had this idea that a plasma TV wouldn’t work well in a conservatory because of its gas and the changeable temperatures throughout the year. With that (possibly completely crazy idea) in mind, we opted for an LED TV. Because of the limited wall space in our conservatory, we went pretty small (24”). The TV has so far proved perfect for us. It features a decent display quality and the freeview picture is good too. I’d recommend it, but I’d also recommend you wall mount your TV; Brackets R Us, for example, provide loads of different types of TV brackets if you arn’t sure which bracket to go for.

Personally, we went for a swivel bracket for a number of reasons:

1# A swivel bracket meant that we could turn the TV to block the sun without having to pull the blinds on sunny days.

2# Our conservatory is long – the length of the rear of our home, in fact. My bloke tends to sit in the left side on the ‘comfy sofa’ and shove a movie on when he wants some chill time. I have my easel set up to the right and like to have the TV on and like to glance up at it from time to time while painting or drawing. A swivel bracket means we can turn the TV to suit where we are and what we are doing.

3# I hate TV stands, personally. In our house they mean surplus dusting, take up valuable floor space and act as ‘clutter points’. We have a small conservatory and no room for clutter.

4# We don’t have kids, but our friends have kids…and lots of them. When the weather does hold up we BBQ regularly. This was partly why we got the conservatory. We open the doors and the kids run in and out. While the TV is securing stuck to the wall well out of their reach, everyone feels happier; neither our TV nor their kids are likely to get broken!

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