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Coniferous Plants on Your Country Site

Each owner of a country house strives to make his site not only functional, but also beautiful. The use of rare conifers will help in arranging the territory. Many professional landscape designers add various types of arborvitae, junipers, pines to the usual design. Even in a small area, you can find a place for an elegant shrub or decorative tree.

Benefits of coniferous plants for garden

When decorating the territory, coniferous trees and shrubs are often used. Why do they attract professional designers and amateur gardeners so much?

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  • The composition, consisting or including conifers, looks bright and noble at any time of the year.
  • Simplify gardening. Pines, junipers do not shed needles for the winter, which is important not only from a design point of view, but also saves owners from cleaning foliage. Needles that shed over time find many uses to improve the growth and fruiting conditions of garden plants.
  • Favorable impact on the atmosphere. Coniferous plants purify, disinfect the air, release phytoncides useful to the body. The fresh aroma of pine needles improves overall well-being and mood, takes you to a world of harmony and comfort.

Combine shades

Conifer genera for the garden differ in lengths and shades of needles. When compiling compositions, a harmonious combination of shades is taken into account. In a three-component one, there are no more than 2 colors; in mixborders of five elements, 3 tones combine well. Large-scale plantings of 25 or more plants are collected in small groups of 3, in compliance with color harmony.

Christmas Trees
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Coniferous trees and shrubs are a great way to revive a garden and a country house territory. When choosing, one should take into account the growing conditions and the size of an adult plant. Harmonious composition, proper fit, and aftercare are also important. Then a hedge, mixborder or lawn will delight the owners and their guests for many years.

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