Garden Improvement

Make Your Garden Grow!

Your garden can be so much more than a home for the dog. Reclaim you garden with these five key steps and you’ll be out there more often than you’re indoors!

Play in the Pool.

It’s the ultimate in luxury but it doesn’t have to break the bank either. Whether you want to float around soaking up the sunshine or brush up on your lap time, a pool in the garden is bound to be good for your health and wellbeing. If you’re in the London area, you’ll be the envy of your neighbours but you could even use it to pick up a few new friends. Think LA pool party or The Great Gatsby decadence.

Patio Play.

A great patio is important for giving your garden functionality. You’ll want somewhere to sit and entertain guests while you admire the rest of the garden. Many sites have experience with landscaping for both private and commercial enterprises so they have a lot of expertise to draw upon.

Build-in The Barbecue.

You’d be amazed how many people forget about the barbecue. Come the summer, this is probably going to be the focal point of any garden parties you host so it makes sense to build one in so that you don’t need to wheel out an ugly plastic-wheeled monstrosity when barbecue season starts. Take a look at these built-in barbecue ideas on internet. Some of the options may seem a little on the extravagant side, but if they don’t whet your appetite, I don’t know what will!Don’t Forget The Plants. With all this talk of parties and pools and having a great time, it’s easy to overlook the greenery! It’s good to add extra functions to the garden but a wholly concrete jungle is not recommended. The plants are what will set the ‘room’ apart from others and the oxygen they give off is at the heart of what makes this space so relaxing. If you’re not especially green-fingered, consider hiring a gardener for maintenance.

The Kids!

Brightly coloured plastic furniture and toys can be a tad unsightly in your beautifully landscaped garden and it will jar somewhat with the pool you’ve had installed but there are more attractive options out there too. Wooden swing set looks quite idyllic in fact and there is always the option for having a go yourself. No one ever loses the joy of sitting on the swings! Their other toys can be stored in a bench seat with storage underneath and then you just need to train them to put them back there.

A little bit of forward planning and you can have a garden that ticks all the boxes. With a nice selection of plants, a pool to lie back and relax in and somewhere for the kids to play, you’ll wonder why you ever sat indoors at all; after all, the great outdoors makes for better watching than Eastenders!

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