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Things you need to remember when self-plumbing

The word “plumbing” is often used in everyday life. This concept is quite capacious and applies to a wide range of equipment. Plumbing in a private house or apartment includes bathtubs, showers, faucets, bidets, valves, toilet bowls, pipe products, siphons and other things related to sewage and water supply, without which the comfortable life of a modern person is unthinkable. A private house, cottage or apartment is penetrated by engineering systems. Water supply and sewer networks are among the most important communications.

Many people can safely do the pipe routing or installation of plumbing equipment on their own. In addition, it will save some amount in the family budget. Of course, before starting work, it is necessary to arm yourself with certain knowledge that will allow you to carefully study, analyze the situation, and then provide for the correct step-by-step implementation of each subsequent action. If you doubt your abilities, you need to call plumbing and heating in Basinsgtoke. There is nothing shameful, because the work is complex and painstaking, you can inadvertently break something or unreliably fix it.

When the basic overall dimensions of the devices are specified, you need to decide on utilities. Hot and cold water is necessary for bath, shower, bidet, washbasin, wiring of sewer pipes. You need to bring cold water and drain sewage to the toilet and washing machine. Routing of pipes for cold and hot water will be required for a hygienic shower and a heating boiler.

You must have a set of tools for self-installation of plumbing:

• Scissors for trimming pipes;
• Soldering iron for welding;
• Markers for marking;
• Pliers;
• Adjustable spanners;
• A knife;
• Roulettes.


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