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Instructions for Laying Sod

Laying turf is a popular way to create a new lawn. With proper laying and following the instructions for laying turf, this type of lawn can decorate the house, adding beauty to the surrounding landscape. Turf laying can be done almost at any time, however, as a rule, it is best to order the complete Sod services Long Island in spring or autumn.

How much does sod cost?

One of the biggest questions that arise when thinking about installing turf is ’How much does turf cost?’. Although it usually depends on the type of grass, the amount needed and the Sod supplier, usually turf costs from 5 to 27 pence per square foot.

turf texture
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Laying turf takes a lot of time and takes several hours, so a professionally laid lawn can cost from 300 to 800 pounds sterling or more. Therefore, you need to find a good Sod installation specialist so that everything is done correctly.

How to lay sod

Before laying the turf, it is necessary to prepare the site.

Make sure that there are no stones or other debris on the site, and make a rough layout of the site to ensure sufficient drainage. If you cannot lay the turf immediately after the Sod delivery, place it in a shady place and keep it slightly moist. In any case, do not allow the sod to dry out, as it will quickly die.

Lay strips of turf on the prepared area, edge to edge, but with stepped joints in the form of bricks. On the slopes, start from the bottom and stack perpendicular. Secure the turf in place with biodegradable turf staples, which eventually disintegrate in the soil.

sod in the garden
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When the turf is laid, roll it lightly to remove the air pockets then pour it thoroughly. If desired, you can make a starting fertilizer to stimulate the development of roots, although this is not necessary.

Try not to touch the newly laid turf until it takes root, usually this happens within a couple of weeks or a month.

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