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What does your Garden say about You?

We all want our homes to be a place of relaxation and peace, a place where at the end of the day we can come back and feel calm. After all, the home is the one place where you should be able to be yourself and take pride in decorating – this is why we decorate them in a way that is personal to us. But what about the garden area? Contrary to popular belief, the garden is just as important as the home in terms of needing to be maintained, although not everybody has the time and money to be able to do a proper job and keep on top of their plants.

According to a recent article I was reading, the garden has become an increasingly popular feature for making a home sellable. I think this is true as the garden is the ideal way to escape from other things that are troubling you in your everyday lifestyle. According to a blog post I was reading on happy resources, a little bit of greenery can do wonders for stimulating the mind and enhancing a calmer mood. There is definitely a high degree of truth to this fact as I know that whenever I am able to ponder at scenes of nature like water, trees or landscapes, I immediately feel uplifted.

So when it comes to maintaining our gardens, isn’t it worth putting in some time and effort if there are positive effects? Even if this means just mowing the lawn once a week, planting some flowers or doing some weeding, having a weekly tidy up is bound to benefit your mood as well as the general health of your garden.

If you need to add a little bit of extra character to your garden space and you’re wondering how you can do this, take a look at this mood board I found on pinterest which has some examples of visually appealing garden features. One way you could encourage your family and friends to spend more time outdoors is to buy some garden furniture. By garden furniture I don’t mean white plastic chairs, I mean things like thatched gazebos from Spindle House which are ideal for the summer weather we have to look forward to.

Make the most of your garden and help it come back to life, not just for the summer but all year round.

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