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How Much does It Cost to Build an Extension to the House and What does the Price Depend On?

The cost of an extension can be different, depending on its purpose, and on average it is from £100 to £200 per 1 square meter. Sometimes the cost may be higher.

An extension to a ready-made house is very common, especially in areas that are not located in the city centre. There is nothing surprising in this, since when buying a house not in the city centre, you may need repairs, some reconstruction or even an increase in living space. The most optimal way to increase the useful area in the house is an extension.

house construction extension
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If you are at a loss about how much money you will need to allocate from the budget for an extension, then you can use an extension cost calculator. Professionals will be able to give you an answer more clearly, after which you will be able to understand what kind of extension you can build in your yard.

Types of extensions

To date, there are a number of the most popular ways to expand the area of housing:

  • An extension made of timber.
  • An extension made of brick.
  • An extension made of foam concrete blocks.
  • Frame extension.

How to build an extension

It’s very simple: you can do it yourself or turn to professionals. To build an extension on your own, you need, at least, to have the skills of a builder, designer, foreman and even a labourer. Professionals will do everything themselves: design, build, insulate, make exterior decoration.

prefinal extension built
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Any construction company engaged in the construction of houses and cottages can build an extension.

It is only important to understand what type or type of extension you need. However, the final price for 1 square meter. it may depend not only on the type of building, but also on the status of the construction company, as well as on the region. No less important role in the formation of the price is played by the selected materials both for the extension itself and for its subsequent finishing.

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