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Installation nuances of metal fence

The choice of supports for the fence of the site is no less complicated than the choice of the foundation for the house. The length of the spans, the height of the fence columns, and the fence itself, the nature of the materials, the type of soil – everything matters. And there is a big difference – whether it will be wooden columns for a picket fence or a profile pipe for a sectional metal fence, as suggested on Excessive strength increases the cost of the structure, and insufficient strength reduces the service life. And although the consequences of a mistake are not so catastrophic, it is better to do it right away than to redo the entire fence after a short time.

Metal poles

The most common option is to install metal fence columns. The existing range of finished products on the market is divided into three types of profile: round, square and rectangular. Factory metal poles already have welded pads for fastening the veins and ends welded on both sides so that rainwater does not get inside. As a rule, the entire surface is already primed, but this does not negate the additional processing of the underground part with bituminous mastic, and the above-ground part still needs to be painted – only in this case the column will not rust and will last a long time.

The most expensive finished poles are produced with a protective zinc coating, and the manufacturer usually offers transverse logs, a mounting system and additional accessories for them.


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