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Safe Coating for Different Surfaces

If you have a private plot or a cottage and want to own a lawn, but you do not have time and energy to care for real grass, learn about a good solution in the form of artificial coating. Artificial grass promises its owner aesthetic pleasure and comfort. At the same time, such coating will not burden you with everyday worries.

Artificial grass is a rolled coating consisting of polyethylene and polypropylene fibres sewn into an elastic base and fixed with a latex compound. It is used in the sports field, as well as in various types of landscape design. It does not require maintenance, does not afraid of temperature changes and ultraviolet light.

close-up of artificial grass
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According to the type of application, artificial grass can be divided into:

  • Loose coating. It is the most durable type of products. Green fibres are covered with quartz and hard granulate. The grass blades are too hard for playgrounds or other public places, but this is a great option for sports stadiums, for example, a football field.
  • Half-loose coating. It is characterized by elasticity. They are used for children’s playgrounds, sports grounds or recreation areas. The grass fibres are covered with fine granular quartz, which gives strength to the lawn.
  • Non loose coating. The appearance of this lawn is no different from real grass. It is used for exhibitions or interior decoration, as the fibres are soft, they press against the ground at the slightest pressure.

According to the fibre structure, artificial grass is divided into 2 types:

  • Fibrillated (includes wide fibres with incisions and has a mesh structure);
  • Monofilamentary (whole fibres, made by extrusion).

By the way, there is coloured artificial grass.

colored artificial grass
Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash

Artificial grass is used in many areas; it does not require maintenance and does not cause problems for owners. Its advantageous difference is durability. You just need to place an order and choose the time for installation.

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