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Recently, the phrase “organic cropping” has become very popular.

Why organic?

Modern agriculture uses all kinds of artificial factors, such as pesticides or deep tillage. These measures allow for high yields, but have a detrimental effect on the soil. As a result, over the past decades, the natural fertility of the soil has significantly decreased for two reasons:

  • the natural cycle of substances has stopped working;
  • the number of fungi, protozoa, soil microorganisms in the ground has decreased so much that it does not particularly affect the result.
Biodynamic humus structure
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Organic gardening suggests returning to the origins, that is to the period when the fertility of the soil was determined only by the natural interaction between animals, vegetation, organic waste and natural climatic conditions. A person working on the earth should act as an assistant, using only those resources that nature provides.

Fundamentals and principles

Let’s formulate the postulates on which organic cropping is based:

  • The soil is a living organism with its own vital activity. The more intensively it is processed, the more effort and money are required to maintain an acceptable level of efficiency. Organic cropping allows you to get steadily growing yields spending a minimum of resources.
  • Mulching is the main way to increase soil fertility from scratch. Fallen leaves, weeds, mown hay and sawdust are used as mulch. Covering the garden beds with a mulching layer, it is possible to protect the soil from erosion, moisture loss and cold.
  • Top dressing is carried out only with organic substances that do not destroy, but contribute to the vital activity of beneficial fungi and microbes contained in the soil. These organisms process organic matter, suppress pathogenic bacteria, gradually increasing the amount of natural humus.
Photo by Zoe Schaeffer on Unsplash

Gradually, a competent approach to the soil, mulching and sowing of cover crops can make it possible to obtain environmentally friendly organic gardening products on your garden beds.

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