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How to Disinfection Room

Each country has developed a plan to prevent the spread of infection. Cleaning various contaminated surfaces with subsequent disinfection is the best practical measure for the prevention of COVID-19 and other viral respiratory diseases in homes and public places. Recommendations on cleaning and disinfection of homes and workplaces are especially important for people under surveillance, people whose COVID-19 test was positive or those who are in voluntary isolation after arriving from the most infected countries.

Recommendations for disinfection of homes include:

  • Call a special disinfection service, for example, Skill Termite. This is the most effective and fastest way to get rid of viruses in the house. But you can do it yourself if you don’t want to spend money;
  • Cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces that are often touched, including door handles, switches, taps, handrails, railings, sinks, tables. This should be done using safe but effective disinfectants that are recommended for these surfaces;
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  • Bedrooms and bathrooms used by a person with coronavirus need special cleaning and disinfection;
  • If bathrooms and toilets are shared throughout the house, they should be disinfected every time after a sick person uses them;
  • Gloves should be used when cleaning, and cleaning should be carried out with proper ventilation of the room;
  • Cleaning of all surfaces with soap and water should be carried out before disinfection.

The disinfectant solutions used should include chlorine compounds or 70% alcohol-based products. Dilute bleach solutions should be used, and bleach should not be mixed with ammonia.

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For soft surfaces, including carpets, rugs, couches, curtains, etc., cleaning should be carried out primarily by washing and cleaning agents. Those items that can be washed are pre-soaked, washed and disinfected. The washing temperature should be set to the highest possible level, and the products should be thoroughly dried after washing.

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