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Necessary Tools for Lawn Maintenance

A beautiful and well–groomed lawn on the plot is the goal of many home owners. To get a green lawn, you can go two ways – order a rolled lawn, which will cost more, or prepare the plot yourself and sow lawn grass seeds. But the difficulty lies in the fact that the work does not end there, because ahead of you there is regular watering with a Sprinkler gun, mowing and other lawn care activities.

Accordingly, even before sowing seeds, it is necessary to take care of the purchase of various lawn care tools. But which equipment is better to buy? Which tools will be used constantly, and which – from time to time?

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Lawn Mowing Tools

Lawn mowing is a mandatory event that should not be neglected in any case. Systematic mowing of grass contributes to its uniform growth, the appearance of new shoots, and also helps to fight weeds.

As equipment for mowing grass on a large area, it is advisable to use lawn mowers, which can be mechanical, electric and gasoline. They greatly simplify the lawn care process, but they are useless in hard-to-reach places. In such cases, a trimmer is used, which is used not only for horizontal trimming of grass, but also for levelling the edges and edges of the lawn. It is also necessary to buy a Trimmer line.

Weed Control Tools

Weed control begins at the earliest stage, i.e., even in the process of laying a lawn covering. In particular, to prevent the growth of weeds, the sown area can be covered with a span bond.

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It is possible to fight weeds with the help of selective herbicides, which act only on the weeds themselves, without harming lawn crops. But if you don’t want to use “chemistry”, then there is another option – weeding. To do this, you can use an Anvil Secateur.

This is not the whole list of tools, but it is the most necessary at first. With experience, you will understand what you still need and what you can get rid of.

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