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Why You Should Choose an Artificial Lawn in the backyard

Every citizen dream of having a beautiful cottage surrounded by greenery. But not every one of them represents the full scale of work related to the care and maintenance of the proper appearance of the territory adjacent to the house. One of the components of a beautiful green yard is a thick and juicy grass. But what if for some reason you can’t grow or take care of natural grass? There is a way out, and it is called “artificial turf”.

Features of artificial grass

Artificial grass is a modern synthetic covering, which is made of polyethylene or polypropylene fibres and is an excellent alternative to natural green lawn. Today, this material is widely used not only in the arrangement of sports grounds, but also in the decoration of household plots. The great popularity of artificial grass is due to its excellent performance characteristics, attractive appearance and other advantages.

artifial grass on the backyard
Photo by 和国 谢 on Unsplash

Like all unnatural things that do not require maintenance, artificial grass does not require special care. It is also durable and wear-resistant. Where living vegetation is trampled, artificial vegetation shows very high wear characteristics. If you walk through vegetation for at least a whole day with all family members 7 days a week, nothing will happen to her.

Scope of application of artificial grass in the country

Of course, the best decoration of the site will be a natural lawn with uniform green grass. But it is not always possible to grow it, and the reasons for failures are different – unsuitable soil, too shaded place or rapid trampling of a certain zone. A good solution, which in appearance, rigidity and comfort corresponds to a living lawn, will be an artificial lawn. In what situations is it better than natural?

  1. If the soil is not suitable for growing live grass. After several unsuccessful attempts to grow a beautiful green carpet, you will still come to the conclusion about buying artificial lawn grass and ordering artificial grass installation services.
  2. If the area with grass is quickly trampled. This is especially true for sports and playgrounds, areas near the pool, exercise equipment, artificial reservoirs, recreation areas. Emerging bald spots spoil the whole look of a neatly arranged area, making it untidy.
  3. If the grass does not want to grow due to lack of sunlight. Almost every site has a dark and damp nook where not a single green blade of grass appears on the surface. In the case when such a nook is part of landscape design, even an ardent adherent of everything natural in the exterior will do anything to preserve the integrity of the composition. Decorative artificial grass is selected suitable in colour and density to the natural vegetation of this site, so that the difference is imperceptible.
artificial lawn in cubes
Photo by Marcus Lenk on Unsplash

After studying these three reasons, you will surely come to the conclusion that an artificial carpet is a panacea in some situations. However, it should be noted that it is still not worth completely replacing natural vegetation with them. And it is better to use it locally, where it is necessary.

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