How to Give a Bouquet to a Person in Another Country

Giving flowers has become a daily habit for millions of people, and the growing demand has led to the emergence of thousands of flower shops and stores often located in close proximity to residential buildings. Buying a bouquet of flowers has become as easy and fast as buying bread at the nearest bakery. Still, what if your beloved lives far away, in another city or on another continent, she has a special day and you want to congratulate her or remind her of yourself at all costs?

the florist makes a bouquet
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Flowers delivery in Israel comes to assistance of such romantics. The service works very simply. You go to the online store, choose a suitable bouquet from many options presented on the site, or create your own, specify the delivery address and pay for the order. Almost immediately, the order is transferred to the company’s managers, who immediately begin its execution, and after a couple of days, and sometimes immediately on the day of the order, the courier at the exact place and time specified by you will hand the bouquet personally into the hands of your beloved.

The bouquet is collected directly at the recipient’s place of residence. Due to this, you can send flowers to Israel in record time.

In addition to flowers, you can order directly in the company’s online store an additional gift: ballons or a greeting card.

flowers and balloons in the open trunk of the jeep
Photo by Emin Sefiyarov on Unsplash

To provide you with full experience what your someone special will feel right at the moment of handing your bouquet or gift, the courier of the company can capture these joyful moments in a photo or video. Gift feelings and emotions, despite the distance!

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