SEO-promotion of The Locksmith’s Website

If you’re a good locksmith but you don’t have many clients, it’s worth doing locksmith marketing.

Service sites are usually sites with a small number of pages – up to 100-150 if there is some kind of blog. If there is no blog, then the resource may have about 15–25 pages.

Such sites for SEO promotion seem simple: take a landing page, write the text for it, optimize and prescribe meta tags, add simple linking around the site. All work on the site seems to be simple. But this is the problem – service sites are simple, therefore, there are fewer opportunities for promotion.

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Competitor analysis

Analyze competitor sites and find your own growth points. To do this, open a search engine and select about 10 competitors for the required request – sites that are similar to you in size and subject matter. It makes no sense to compare yourself to an aggregator if you have a regular service site.

Find the common structural elements of the sites that are present in the issue. For example, what percentage of the analyzed resources has a section with photos and contacts of key employees.

Pay attention to how services are classified, for what queries they are involved in the search. Based on the analysis, you will receive a list of structural elements that are present on the sites of most of your competitors. You need to add these elements to your site.

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Next, analyze the commercial factors: fundamental and specific to your niche. There are standard commercial elements that are universally applicable to any site, and there are specific ones – only for the niche of the site being promoted. For example, the factor “photo of company employees” is necessary for a cleaning company, but not so important for a service center for the repair of electronics and household appliances.

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