Reasons not to Rent a House, but to Buy Your Own

Is it better to buy an house or live in a rented one? The answer to this question depends on many factors and cannot be the same for everyone. But there are the main advantages of your own house or rent to own a property over rented housing.

Own roof over your head

If you are a tenant of a house, you pay into the pocket of its owner. If the house is yours, then you are the owner. And even when it is purchased with a mortgage, the same monthly payments are used to repay the loan for your property, and not for someone else’s. By renting an house taken on credit, you are helping to repay this loan to another person.

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In any case, when you take out a mortgage and build credit rating whilst renting you will have your own house. Renting a house, after the same time a person is left with nothing.

But there are times when you wonder how to buy a house without a mortgage? Then special services can come to your aid when you first rent a house, and then you can buy it when you have the financial opportunity.

Everything for yourself

Another undoubted plus of your house is the opportunity to equip it for your needs.

Often landlords do not allow, for example, to install an air conditioner, because they do not need it. Or do you think that in this pantry with a washing machine, an upper storage system that is mounted on the wall is simply necessary. But the lease agreement stipulates a ban on drilling walls.

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What can we say about redevelopment or cosmetic repairs: even if the landlord agrees to it, the cost of work in most cases will fall on the shoulders of the tenant buyer entirely as an additional burden to the rent.

This can also include a widespread ban on keeping pets. In house with tenant buyer lease option, you do not need anyone’s permission to settle a cat or a dog that has already become a member of your family.

Use your rent to help you own with this rent to own scheme for tenant buyers check it out here.

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