Amish – the best homeowners

Sometimes organizing order in the house and garden is worth learning from the Amish. But who are the Amish, and why are they so good at housework? You can read more on

Ordnung: the order of life

The Amish community is bound by strong religious beliefs, characterized by a high level of social interaction and mutual support.

It is worth noting that many prohibitions, rules are a personal matter of Amish’s choice, but the main purpose of the Ordnung rules is an attempt to save a person from pride, envy, laziness, vanity, vanity, indulgence of human passions.

Amish schools and Education

Children go to school until the 8th grade, and after school they usually help with housework and household chores. Parents often select additional work outside the home for their children to receive additional income. The 8-year-old Amish School teaches reading, writing, arithmetic, English, geography, history and Amish traditions. The Amish are convinced of the need for only primary education in their schools. Schools are run by parents.

They consistently implement the idea of renunciation of the world, more precisely, the mundane, and in their community it bears kindness. If we do not solve problems on a global scale, but simply look into ourselves, into our life, into everyday life, it will become obvious that one or another degree of renunciation should be present in our life. Is it not modesty, humility, mutual assistance and work that makes a person a good person, brings him to a genuine level of existence? Yes, not only these virtues, but others too.

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