Aspects You Need To Know If You Are Getting Yourself A French Bulldog

A French bulldog is one of the most wonderful options if you want a dog, but live in an apartment. You can pick up a puppy on If you decide to get this breed, get to know it.

How do French bulldogs get along with adults?

French bulldogs get along with adults
Image by GLady from Pixabay

French bulldogs get along well both in large families, and with only one owner. They feel the mood of a person and know how to adapt to it. The same applies to leisure time: they can lie quietly by your side or participate in some games.

This breed of dog does not really like loneliness and quickly begins to feel sad, but at the same time practically does not bark and does not whine.

Due to the fact that they like to be in the center of attention, they are happy to receive guests.

What housing conditions do French bulldogs need?

housing conditions do French bulldogs
Image by freestocks-photos from Pixabay
  • First of all, a new family member needs its own place for rest and sleep. Do not place your dog where there are drafts, near batteries and doors.
  • Even despite the minimal activity of adult dogs, you need to remember about daily outside walks. It is advisable to walk several times a day for an hour so that the animal can throw out the accumulated energy.
  • Still, bulldogs do not like fast walking: for example, jogging and high jumps are not for them.
  • You also need to remember about their growth: they can easily damage their eyes on sharp branches, so you need to be careful while playing in nature.
  • Please note that French bulldogs do not tolerate the cold, so in winter it is better to buy clothes or minimize your stay with dog outside.
  • Experts recommend going outside in the morning or late in the evening in hot season, so as not to catch the sun.

What should you pay attention to when buying a French bulldog?

buying a French bulldog
Image by Myléne from Pixabay

First, decide why you are buying this particular breed of dog:

  • The “pet” type is for the soul,
  • The “breed” type is for breeding,
  • The “show” type is for participation in exhibitions.

The puppy should also be cheerful, active, physically developed and well-fed.

If you chose a puppy of the “breed” and “show” types, you must get a veterinary passport of the dog, a metric (puppy card), a certificate of chipping, if it was done.


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