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Polycarbonate Gazebos are an Excellent Solution for a Summer Residence

Garden gazebo for summer cottages made of polycarbonate is a multifunctional building in which people not only relax, but also organize picnics and small holidays.

The main advantages of a polycarbonate gazebo for the yard:

gazebo near pool
Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash
  • This material is practically weightless, which does not require massive structures, and is also convenient for installation.
  • It is better to make a canopy with normal protection from precipitation, and it is not difficult to bend the plastic into any arc for summer gazebo.
  • For external buildings it is worth choosing a sheet thickness of 6-8 mm.
  • Light transmission. Unlike slate and profiled sheets, polycarbonate allows light to pass through.
  • Many colors to choose from. However, do not forget that light or transparent polycarbonate will not protect from sunlight, and colored polycarbonate will distort a lot in its shadow.
  • Glass is easy to break, and its shards can cause you to cut yourself. In this sense, polymer plastic is considered a safe material. In addition, it is a low-flammable product.

Since polycarbonate is not afraid of heat and fire, you can install wood stove, in such a gazebo for cold weather. A stove for any gazebo is a harmonious addition that can not only decorate a relaxation area, but also become a functional source of heat, and at the same time a place for cooking dishes over a fire or smoky coals. There are enough options for the design of the heating stoves; the materials used open up a flight of imagination, limited only by the imagination of the author.

wood stove
Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash

A portable grill, barbecue or wood stoves is suitable for a gazebo of any size and design. Their advantage is mobility; they can be placed outdoors, disassembled, or put in a closet when not needed to save space.

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