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Wood floors: warm, sustainable and durable material

One of the most popular natural materials in the modern world is wood. It is undoubtedly a very beautiful material, besides, it is aesthetic and environmentally friendly. The wooden surface in your apartment can be painted in any color. For a longer service life, it must be varnished. This material starts to age over time, but it even makes it more beautiful and attractive. The types of wooden floors differ depending on the material that is laid on it.

Many people want wood flooring in their homes. Since this material is free from changes in temperature, humidity and pollution, many people prefer materials that are easier to care for.

If you use a high-quality, dried, rot-free and antiseptic-treated board, such floors can last up to a hundred years. A solid board can be repeatedly looped, refreshing the top layer, smoothing out irregularities.

Natural wood is a warm material, it is pleasant to walk on such a floor barefoot, it will be appropriate in the bedroom, nursery.

Heat leakage through wood flooring is minimal, even if it is not insulated.

In the apartment, wood floor is less vulnerable to rodents, wood-boring insects, dampness, the source of which in a private house is the soil. The requirements for waterproofing and insulation of the base are reduced. So the choice of boards as flooring in an apartment is quite justified.

Many people associate wood floors with a country house. A stereotype has formed that in a modern apartment they are inappropriate, they look too poor. One can argue with this, some wood species look very presentable, rich, but they also cost, respectively, more expensive than commercial laminate. In a city apartment, wood floors will be no less appropriate than in a country house: there are fewer threats to the tree here.

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