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Choice of paints for living rooms

If you are waiting for repairs, but you do not want to glue the wallpaper you can have decorative plaster and painting. To work with plaster, it is desirable to have experience, but painting the walls in an apartment can be done at a fairly high level and without experience. You need desire, time and careful execution of operations. But, if you do not want to waste your time and effort, you can call Ayala Painting for help.

Paints for living rooms

The most important thing in choosing paints for living rooms is their harmlessness. High demands are also placed on the decorativeness of coatings and resistance to sunlight. Such a characteristic as washing ability is not the most demanded, except that it may be necessary in a children’s room. It is very good if the paints do not smell, or almost do not smell during application, and it is also desirable that they dry quickly.

Image by cottonbro from Pexels

Water based paints

More than others, these requirements are met by water-based formulations. The binding component may be different in them, which is why some qualities also change, but one thing unites them: they are harmless to people, do not harm the environment, dry quickly and have almost no smell.

Water emulsion

The most popular in this group are water-based paints. These are compounds based on polyvinyl acetate. This paint is easy to apply, has good hiding power – usually two coats are enough to get an even color. After drying, a dense film is created on the surface, which allows water vapor to pass through, they also say that such a wall “breathes”. Very well tinted – any color can have dozens of shades.

Water-dispersion silicone

These colors are almost perfect. They are easy to apply, and are able to tighten even quite decent cracks – up to 2 mm. The film remaining after drying does not fade, is not afraid of moisture, is heavily damaged (you can wash as much as you like). Painting the walls in the apartment with silicone paint allows you to get a very smooth surface even without perfect preparation and careful alignment.

Image by ANTONI SHKRABA from Pexels

Acrylic water-dispersion

This type of paint is perhaps ideal: it is perfectly tinted, does not fade, is well applied, even paints over cracks, though smaller in size – up to 0.7-1 mm. It has medium vapor permeability, the coating is difficult to damage, and can be washed even with detergents.

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