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How Bad is Water Damage to a House

Water disasters include situations in which the water level in reservoirs and watercourses rises above dangerous or critical indicators for specific settlements and objects. They can have a destructive effect not only on the territory, but also on objects, including houses.

Destructive power of water in a flood

Floods are terrible because their main damaging factor is the flow of water, which can reach high levels, and in mountainous areas – high water flow rates.

sandbags prevent flooding of a house
Photo by Wes Warren on Unsplash

Water can change the house beyond recognition, or it can just flood the first floor a little. It all depends on where your house stands – on a hill or in a lowland, as well as on the strength of the water flow. But Property MD will help you to cope with any permissions after the water element. Specialists have many years of experience in restoring houses after floods, so you give the house into good hands during reconstruction.

With flooding, the possibility of the following situations increases:

  • fires due to short circuits in the power grid;
  • landslides if the ground is washed away;
  • collapse of buildings and structures due to a strong water flow.

The destructive power of water in a tsunami

The damaging factor is the tsunami wave, which is usually characterized by a high height and high speed of the wave movement.

The extent of the spread of tsunami emergencies is determined by the enormous destructive force of tsunami waves, the area of the flooded territory, as well as the degree of habitation and economic development of the territories affected by the tsunami.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

If your house is located in a coastal area and a tsunami happens, then there is a chance that your house will be completely washed away by water, so a wave can be so strong. In this case, it’s easier for you to buy a new house.

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