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How to choose a carpet: types of materials

A carpet is an attention center of the house space, warmth, coziness, loud sound reduction and pleasant tactile sensations. You should only choose it right way. Some time ago bright carpets hang on the walls and covered the entire floor from wall to wall of the rooms. Nowadays, designers have changed the fashionable approach, but high-quality and beautiful SayRug carpets are still in fashion.

Wool carpets

These are warm and soft products that save heat well, absorb noise, almost do not keep moisture and resist fire. Wool stains worse than synthetics, so natural carpets will not be bright colors. As for the minuses of woolen carpets, they are expensive sometimes they accumulate a static charge, so such carpets are not suitable for allergic people. Wool is considered to be damaged by mold and moths, but qualified special impregnations reliably protect the product.


Silk carpets are even more expensive than wool, but they have a pleasant surface, durability, and a characteristic sheen. The most beautiful detailed drawings are created from thin threads. Silk carpets are bought mostly like works of art, so they are not put on the floor.


A cotton carpet is much more soft than woolen one, it absorbs moisture well and lets air through. For allergy sufferers, such products are not terrible, they are easy to clean, but over time they can be wrinkled, deformed and shrunk, especially if they were used in rooms with constantly high humidity. Usually, wool threads are added to cotton threads, which only improves the quality.

The modern market offers carpets of the most incredible shapes, materials and colors, there are even products stylized as famous works of art. A well-chosen carpet brings home comfort to the room and sets the good mood.

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