Garden Improvement

Creating a Conservatory

Conservatories are a great way to extend your home and open up your home. To make sure you explore all your options before choosing a design here are a few things to think about.

Decide how big you want it to be, you at least want to fit a table in length ways so that as many people as possible can enjoy the garden views. Also try pegging out the area that you want to put your conservatory in and put the things that you want in your conservatory into that space. Ensure that everything fits before you agree on the size.

Try and use the same building materials for your conservatory as have been used for your house. You want the two to match, the conservatory is an extension of your house not different building.

Your conservatory should not overtake your garden, one should not be sacrificed for the other. If you have a smaller garden, make the conservatory longer, so it covers more of the house, instead of wider and that way it won’t invade your garden.

Choose how much light you want your conservatory to get, if you the back of your house is south facing then you will get light all day long, so if you don’t want a conservatory that is too bright make it into a sun room, which basically means the roof is more covered. If you are East or West facing, you might want to catch as much of the light as possible so the more windows the better.

During the Summer your conservatory will be warm because of the temperature and the sunshine, but during the winter it will become the coldest room in the house. So invest in double glazing, proper insulation and perhaps even underfloor heating if you want to use it all year round.

Invest in blinds. Blinds make sure that you can control the amount of light getting and gives you privacy from snooping neighbours if you are using the conservatory at night.

Make sure to keep these in mind when picking your conservatory so that it becomes a perfect edition to your home.

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