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Smart door lock, electronic lock or biometric lock is a modern locking device to strengthen your door.

How to start choosing a smart lock for an apartment

smart lock in the wall
Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

Tip #1

Any equipment can fail sooner or later. Before buying a lock, check the availability of an official distributor of the brand. This will make it easier for you to find spare parts, as well as allow you to use the factory warranty.

According to standard, each lock must pass a test for 40,000 applications of a contactless key, 30,000 times a password set, 10,000 times a biometrics test and 100,000 times a pen press.

Tip #2

The lock will be installed on your door for more than one year. How easy will it be to replace the old lock with a new one? The mounting holes and the size of the end plate play an important role. If the dimensions of the new lock do not match the holes for the old one, you will have to change something on the door. Contact expert locksmith in Wokingham. He will help you choose a lock that has the same mounting hole, regardless of the manufacturer.

Tip #3

As standard, all electronic locks are opened with a password or a contactless key. There are additional options: opening the lock from the application, fingerprint scanner and Face ID. Still, there is another option – Smart Open. The lock opens itself when the owner approaches.

smart lock with camera
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Tip #4

Remote Wi-Fi monitoring is required only in two cases: when organizing regime access in office buildings, or when renting an apartment for daily rent. In all other cases, just tell your password to the person you want to let into the apartment. You can change the password upon returning home.

Tip #5

A mechanical key is required. At least, to open the door in case of electronics failure.

Tip #6

Choose proven brands with a history.

An electronic lock is primarily a matter of comfort. In terms of burglar resistance, it certainly is not inferior to ordinary locks, but it makes life much easier.

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