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Well on the site: water extract

Well operation is impossible without the use of the obligatory component of its arrangement – a pump. After all, a bucket is not suitable for taking water from a narrow trunk. In addition, lifting up from the depths and transporting water manually would take too much time and energy. Not everyone wants to waste either one or the other, do you agree?

Properly selected pumping equipment in a matter of minutes will fill the tanks in the bathhouse, house or garden. Now there is an opportunity to purchase equipment for servicing an object of any scale.

Well pumps help lift water from great depths. They are relevant in the country house and in the private sector. The most common type of mechanism is submersible. It is important to choose the right device in order not to experience problems with water supply. Borehole pumps are centrifugal pumps with a vertical installation for pumping clean water from narrow wells (from 110 cm in diameter) or from any other fresh water source (river, lake) for domestic needs.

The motor is protected from overload by the built-in thermal relay. The pump sleeve and shaft are made of stainless steel, the impeller is made of durable thermoplastic.

Advantages of such pumps:

  • lightweight, compact;
  • good technical characteristics;
  • low power consumption;
  • ability to work as part of automated water supply systems.

Do not forget that before purchasing a suitable pump for a well, you need to clarify a number of indicators of your structure: static level, dynamic level, flow rate, bottom mark, pipe diameter. If a specialized drilling company was engaged in drilling the well, in accordance with the contract the owner had to provide its technical passport. All the characteristics mentioned above must be indicated therein.

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