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Bird Nets in The Garden: Benefits and Tips

Many gardeners suffer from the fact that wild birds or free-roaming pets are constantly trying to peck off succulent young shoots. Garden Netting is an excellent solution for preserving crops. Lightweight and durable cellular material is optimal for constructing a high-quality shelter or fence.

Bird netting – what is it?

It is not always possible to scare away winged thieves from your garden or berry patch. Scarecrows or clever sound devices often become ineffective; smart flyers quickly realize that they pose no real threat. The best alternative is netting for garden, which is a strong and durable barrier. Sharp-sighted birds notice a fence made of threads from afar and try to fly around such areas.

Does bird netting help?

It’s extremely disappointing to watch the fruits of your labor being destroyed on your summer cottage. A bird-proof net is a simple and humane way out of the situation. Attaching this lightweight fabric does not require a powerful frame, and the cellular structure does not interfere with the penetration of air, light and moisture. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of this excellent material:

  • due to its light weight, the bird net does not damage fruits and branches.
  • easy to install.
  • rolled material does not create transportation problems.
  • by choosing a fabric with a small cell size, you can protect the fruits and crown even from most insects.
  • high-quality synthetic threads do not deteriorate from external influences.
  • a mesh made of dense material is suitable as a vertical fence against flightless poultry.
butterfly on bird net
Photo by Ahmed Jubair on Unsplash

What does bird netting look like?

High-quality nylon or plastic lasts for several seasons and does not deteriorate from rain or exposure to ultraviolet radiation. If previously wire fencing was mainly constructed, now garden bird netting is made from lightweight and cheap synthetic threads. The color of the material plays an important role. White, red or orange fibers are clearly visible against the background of foliage and birds try to avoid such places. The green mesh is not so noticeable in the crown and looks decorative, but it increases the risk that the birds will constantly get entangled in a soft trap made of threads.

Bird net parameters:

  • Recommended cell sizes are 0.5-1 mm.
  • The sizes of the rolls depend on the thickness of the threads – 5×2 m, 10×2 m, 50×2 m.

Bird net for garden beds

Garden crops suffer from feathered thieves no less than cherries and pears. Bird protection net for the garden is successfully used on such popular crops as strawberries or raspberries. It is clear that it is unprofitable to protect single bushes, so long and durable frames are built over the horizontal beds to stretch a large mesh fabric.

Photo by Vadim Koza on Unsplash

How to attach a bird net?

The mesh fabric is well ventilated with air and has a slight windage, but it also needs to be tied or nailed to the structural elements so that the birds do not accidentally gain access to tasty fruits. If a frameless option is used, the mesh can be fixed in the garden using bricks, stones or staples. Depending on the material of the supporting structures, bird netting for fruit trees is attached to the frame using the following devices:

  • construction stapler;
  • wires;
  • clothespins;
  • twine;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • pegs;
  • thin slats (glazing beads) with nails;
  • hooks

If you are wondering how to quickly and easily create effective protection for garden vegetation from birds and small animals, consider purchasing a special soft mesh made of synthetic material. It will become a justified solution in this situation and will allow you to achieve your goal at minimal cost.

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