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Floor sanding: how to refresh your interior

The process of parquet floor sanding & repairs is, of course, time-consuming and costly, but the result will please you. In addition, it will help to avoid an even more expensive option – a complete replacement of the floor covering.

Floor sanding can be done by yourself or by professionals. In any case, having completed the sanding, you can easily update the floor and enjoy the pleasant-looking interior again.

A special machine removes the top layer from parquet wood that has suffered from time or mechanical stress. Do not be afraid that it will ruin your coating, the equipment is designed so that the thinnest layer is removed.

Many people wonder how many times you can do the sanding, updating the surface of the coating? No more than 8 times with the thickest layer of wood. If an economical version of wood was used, then it is enough to carry out only 3 cycles of this process. Remember that the remainder of the floorboard should not be thinner than 2 mm.

And the third important point: if your wooden floor was previously painted, it must be worked on with extreme caution.

If the parquet was coated with oil-bound paint, and you got such a floor when buying a secondary home, it is better to contact professionals. After all, you don’t have the slightest idea about what kind of wood the parquet is made of, how many layers of paint are on it and in what condition the tree is. In this case, nails, which are not noticeable under the paint, are also dangerous.

Floor sanding is inappropriate:

  • if there are deep irregularities, dents;
  • if the parquet is drying up;
  • if there are gaps;
  • if the parquet has swollen;
  • if the wear of the parquet does not imply its restoration;
  • if the coating often gets wet;
  • if the tree has rotted
  • if a woodbug spoils a parquet wood.

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