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EICR procedure

Safety is the absolute equality to comfort. When something is dangerous it can’t be cosy as unsafety can cause problems. The most attended places for each individual are their personal homes. Property can be purchased, rented or visited, but anyway wires systems in the building are always an inseparable part of modern objects. Without it individuals won’t be able to use modern devices, appliances, and other equipment that work only if the power source is available. Electrical installation is vital for normal life however, depending on its condition it also can be risky to use such a system if certain elements have exceeded the limits of exploitation period or weren’t installed properly and thus increase the probability of a short circuit. In order to check the system it is possible to ask for help from specialists. There are some websites like energynorth.uk where people could find services oriented on this kind of situation.

Actually, any standard house has at least a couple of sockets and switches and moreover, a major number of buildings have very complex electrical systems which require special control on a regular basis.

Here are some points that should be considered during the test:

  • grounding conductors;
  • control panels, switches, and sockets;
  • insulation;
  • polarity and other.

It is better to perform an inspection more often when the house is old and if there was a relocation as problems with installation can cause fire. Such a service is simple and affordable. The whole process won’t take a lot of time, but will help to understand whether the system meets the standards of safety or not.

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