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How is Luxury Interior Design Different from Standard?

You’ve probably already wondered how “elite style by interior designers london” differs from the usual apartment design that we are all used to.

When developing luxury housing, standard techniques always seem to fade into the background: here it is necessary to create a unique design that would correspond to the high status of the owner of the house.

Those who order luxury design usually seek to reduce their participation in the repair and construction process. The best option is that the client is involved only to formulate technical specifications, coordinate and approve various work results.

The range of services includes budgeting, repair and construction work, designer supervision and packaging.

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What should a luxury interior design studio be like?

To create a unique design, it is not enough to simply fill the apartment with expensive materials, collectible furniture and art objects. We need to find a balance between beauty and comfort in a luxury format, to move away from the feeling of a frozen exhibition in a museum towards a functional and cozy living space. This requires experience working with luxury properties.

Who should you trust to create the project?

This kind of work should only be trusted to professionals. Creating an elite interior design, in each case, professionals develop an original project that excludes templates. They take on ambitious ideas and bring them to their logical conclusion. Real experience allows you to foresee problems at the design stage, which saves time, effort and budget. As a professional studio, they provide turnkey design services: from sketches and approval of redevelopment to the purchase and arrangement of furniture.

Interior as a portrait of the customer

Having visited an elite apartment or an elite house once, you will immediately be able to feel the atmosphere of luxury and nobility. This design does not adhere to the restraint of ordinary apartments: each element of furniture here has its place, and materials are used exclusively of the highest quality.

Unlike conventional designs, luxury interiors do not require saving space: everything is arranged thoughtfully, leaving enough free space. Large rooms are the basis for creating a luxurious design project.

Elite design includes the criteria of maximum cost, quality and thoughtfulness. Unique accessories from recognized masters are used to create a luxurious and high-status look for the apartment.

Coordination of work

One of the most important features of a premium interior is uniqueness. Standard designs are not used here, the entire design is developed by professionals, and the furnishings are formed by expensive fabrics, antique furniture and original paintings by famous artists.

Rare types of wood, crystal and gold are used in an elite interior, but it is equally important that the project itself is a high-quality original work.

modern luxury interior
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A luxury apartment is created for specific people and must correspond to their character. The interior may contain objects symbolic for the residents, original furnishings and decorative elements: frescoes, stucco moldings, paintings, sculptures, etc.

Premium design interior styles

Elite interior design is most often designed in a classic style. However, time does not stand still, and styles such as loft and modern are also very popular now. In any case, everything in the room should breathe luxury, from surface finishing materials to elegant decorations.

Cost of elite repair

The premium category is inextricably linked with the value of the property. The cost of premium repairs, as you might guess, will be significantly higher than usual. High-quality materials, furniture and fittings are not cheap, as are the services of experienced professionals. All work on decorating the premises is carried out by highly qualified craftsmen, but practically nothing is required from the customer.

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