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Sheepskin rug overview: sheepskin properties

One of the main advantages of sheepskin rugs is their naturalness and healing properties. Even in ancient times, people constantly used sheep skins in everyday life. Premature babies were nursed in sheep’s clothing, even modern scientists have proven the healing properties of the sheepskin, its beneficial effect on the skin and body of both children and adults. Natural sheep’s skin contains lanolin – a natural antiseptic, animal origin, which favorably affects the human body.

When choosing a floor covering or rug, many opt for sheepskin products due to the price of the finished product. Make sure visiting the site www.milabert.com. Sheepskin rugs are perfect for different types of interiors, both classic and modern. They are very warm and soft, it is pleasant and useful to walk on them. Rugs and sheepskins on the floor will be an excellent choice for residents of cold regions.

A wide range of colors and shapes of skins and sheepskin carpets allows you to choose what you need. The skins are painted in a wide variety of colors (you can choose a sheep skin with dyed tips), so you will have no problem choosing a color for your interior. There are often single (herringbone) skins and rugs (made from two, four, and so on) from several skins. Carpets of standard shapes (rectangular, round, square) and sizes from sheep’s skins are also produced.

Sheepskin products are hypoallergenic, do not cause allergic reactions, that’s why they can be used in every room. Sheepskin rugs are well vacuumed, do not keep dust. Vacuum and shake them periodically enough to keep them clean.

New Zealand sheepskins are usually considered the highest quality: in this country people they studied and improved their skills in producing high-quality sheepskins from generation to generation.

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