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What domestic insects can be found in human housing: parasites and pests

Domestic insects are so diverse that it is really hard to list even their main representatives. Insects that cause particular harm to humans and their homes must be exterminated by a special diamondpestcontrol.com service.


Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Ants are not only pests of gardens, but also kitchens. Sensitive to smells, they make their way into an apartment or house through cracks in the floor and garbage chutes to establish a colony close to a potential food base. Getting rid of insects is difficult. Especially if the colony has already grown. In addition to eating food supplies, some types of ants can painfully bite pets, children, and even adults. Bite wounds heal poorly. Immediately after the bite, a burning sensation and tingling are felt – this is how the human body reacts to formic acid that has got under the skin.


Image by Prawny from Pixabay

Moth is almost a native inhabitant of most living quarters. This nondescript butterfly strives to get as deep as possible into closets, laying eggs on clothes made of woolen fabrics and fur. Hatching larvae gladly make holes in clothes, collars, hats and shoe lining, leading to damage to these things. Certain types of moths prefer to damage food. Therefore, the larvae can be unexpectedly found in old cereals, a bag of crackers or dried fruits.


Image by naobim from Pixabay

Mosquitoes – a real “symbol” of warming on the street. They enter the premises through open windows and vents, and terrorize the owners at night, leaving itchy bites on the body. Only females feed on blood. They need it for reproduction. Mosquitoes keep damp, darkened and cool rooms. Their accumulation can be observed in pantries or basements. Rainy weather leads to the growth of mosquito colonies. And mosquitoes mostly stay in landfills and wetlands on the street, from where they fly into apartments.


Wood grinders appear in apartments with floors and furniture made of natural wood. In a short period of time, insects damage unpainted furniture parts and floor boards, gradually turning them into dust. Prefer dry wood, devoid of paint or varnish.


Cockroaches enter the apartment through the garbage chute or cracks in the floor and walls. Settle in kitchens and bathrooms. They are carriers of infections and cause a natural disgust in humans. This insect is a sign of unsanitary conditions. Destroying cockroaches is one of the main tasks of exterminators and all self-respecting owners.


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