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Why you shouldn’t clean carpets at home

A carpet is a kind of filter that absorbs dust, pet hair, and various impurities. When the question arises about Lavado de Alfombras, then the best way out is to go to professionals. Cleaning your carpet at home is not as effective.

With the help of a modern vacuum cleaner, you can remove only part of the dirt from the upper and middle layer of the pile. Most of the dirt will still remain in the lower layer, and with superficial cleaning there is a chance to put the dirt even more into the lower layer of the carpet. A large item with a long pile cannot be washed in the bathroom or cleaned well on site. In addition, you can make a mistake when choosing a detergent and the carpet will be hopelessly damaged.

Only in a specially equipped workshop, you can be 100% sure that deep cleaning of the pile, complete dedusting and drying has been carried out.

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