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Lego as an interior feature

From the popular lego toys constructor, you can build items for storage and decor, make dishes and even a whole table! If you are a fan of LEGO, want to create an original interior or just please your child, feel free to take these ideas into service!

With LEGO, you can make a charming and useful thing for keeping keys. You can come up with an ornament yourself, so that the design is one hundred percent individual.

Collect initials, a name or even a painting from LEGO and hang the resulting masterpiece on the wall. For greater expressiveness, the craft can be framed.

LEGO can be used to make a durable and colorful organizer. This is a great option for storing small office supplies. A similar idea can be implemented in the bathroom, but only to store toothbrushes in the stand, not pens.

Replace your standard lampshade with a creative LEGO one. It will turn out to be a very creative night light for your little hero or princess’s room.

Make a decorative wall of LEGO. This is both an interesting option for decorating an accent wall, and a great idea for storing small things. Everything should be made from the construction set: the wall itself, and photo frames, and key holders.

LEGO watches are a great idea for any interior. To create them, you need a special clockwork – your hands and LEGO will do the rest. Do not limit your imagination only to such a minimalistic version – a variety of figures may appear on the dial.

It is quite easy to make a case or a gift box from a LEGO constructor. Surely this task will take you no more than an hour, but the original interior element will delight you for a long time.

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