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Wood flooring decoration: let’s paint it!

Many homeowners like wood flooring in a country cottage or apartment. Some developers use ready-made solutions – for example, they buy parquet, which only needs to be laid. Others seek to show their imagination by decorating a wooden floor with their own hands and creating amazingly beautiful interiors. If a designer has woken up in you, and you are looking for the best ideas, then study carefully our good offer.

It is better to see a floor painted with paints once than to hear about this method of decorating the interior of a home a hundred times. The main thing is not to be lazy. Get creative and find an idea that you like. And now let’s answer the question: “Why paint a wooden floor covering using a stencil, when you can take a can of paint, a brush and …” Stop. This method is good for those who have either artist skills or relevant education. Then you can really create using wood laid on the floor like a canvas. For ordinary craftsmen and craftswomen, stencil painting of a wooden floor with paints is the simplest option that does not require special professional skills. Admirers of this method are captivated by the budget. It is enough to find a drawing or ornament you like on the Internet or in a store for artists. Make a stencil (template) on it and start painting the floor. It is better to start painting the floor with simple geometric shapes, after practicing in a small area. After filling your hand, you can move on to more complex patterns. The main thing is to observe the principle of balance – the chosen pattern must be in harmony with the interior and furniture. So that the drawing on the wooden floor does not wear off quickly, it is protected with a coating of several layers of varnish. Make some effort and admire your creation every day!

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