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Electric Scooter for a Country House Dweller

If you live in a private house, and even outside the city, you probably have a car. But do you have an electric scooter? If not, then you should think about such an acquisition. After all, it’s so convenient to travel short distances in a small-sized vehicle in the fresh air!

Savings will be the basis. Electricity is much cheaper than fuel. If you also take into account the cost of maintenance and the purchase of consumables for gasoline vehicles, the amount saved in the operation of an electric scooter becomes more tangible.

two scooters standing near
Image by iscooterglobal.co.uk

Safety is also an important criterion. Standard urban iScooter has an average power of about 350-800 W, while developing a maximum speed of up to 50-60 km/h. An electric scooter is a great option for inexperienced drivers because it is easy to drive and quite maneuverable.

Storage of electric scooters in the off-season

To prepare electric vehicles for winter storage, the following points should be followed:

  • Vehicle cleaning. It is better to do without aggressive chemicals, so as not to spoil the paintwork. It is enough to gently clean the surface, all components and parts with a damp cloth. Lubricate moving parts for extra protection. You can do this yourself or contact the service for professional service.
  • Disconnect and remove battery.
  • Remove accessories that run on their own batteries (headlights, etc.).
  • Cover the prepared scooter with a cover or dust-proof material, which will be a protective barrier against pollution.
offroad scooter characteristics
Image by iscooterglobal.co.uk

It is advisable for riders who care about the environment to pay attention to this type of transport, because electric scooters do not harm the environment. They do not emit combustion products, therefore harmful substances do not enter the atmosphere. They do not emit combustion products, therefore harmful substances do not enter the atmosphere.

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