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Why do you need a lawn?

A lawn is considered to be a piece of land where you grow grass seed, depending on the conditions and terrain. As a rule, perennial grasses or annual undersized flowering grasses (Moorish lawn) are used. There are grass mixtures for extreme conditions, for example, near roads or near industrial plants. Sports lawn is used on football fields and other sports grounds. Decorative compositions are suitable for suburban areas.

Important comment

When the lawn grass is planted and has risen, it seems that all the difficulties are left behind. It remains only to enjoy the view of lush greenery. We don’t want to disappoint you, but that’s not the case at all. The lawn must be looked after, otherwise it will quickly lose its attractive appearance. You can ask professional gardeners how to grow grass seed or simply look for information in the Internet.

So, what benefits does it bring?

The lawn along highways absorbs carbon dioxide, dust, harmful exhaust from cars, prevents soil erosion, retains moisture. This is especially important on the slopes of roadside areas.

A piece of nature in the cities

 In urban conditions, the value of the lawn also lies in the absorption of dust and noise, carbon dioxide, oxygen production and air humidification, and preventing the soil from drying out. The green color of the grass has a positive effect on the human nervous system, because in cities among asphalt and concrete there is so little nature!

Great coting

The lawn is ideal for playgrounds, as it is environmentally friendly and this surface is the least traumatic. For the same reasons, this coating is also used for athletes on golf courses, football, rugby and other games.

Lawn near your house

The lawn around a private house gives a well-groomed look and emphasizes the status of the owner. Subject to timely mowing, the presence of a lawn will protect you from uninvited guests, namely snakes, which often happens if the house is located near the forest. Snakes are known to love tall grass and silence. The sound of the lawn mower will scare them away and the short grass will keep them out of your area.

You can have a picnic or sunbathe on it, walk barefoot and play with children.

From the foregoing, we can conclude that a high-quality lawn, in addition to a positive impact on the environment, creates a feeling of comfort and improves mood.

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