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Storage of things during moving and repair

Moving has always been a labor-intensive and long process. At this time, people are nervous about how to deal with things that are not yet needed, but they cannot be stored in a new home. In this case, the help of Jennings Containers will be required. In large boxes, things, both small and large, can be stored without fear that they will be covered with a layer of construction dust, get wet or be stolen. You can leave them there for any period, and then safely pick them up when the mess with the move and repairs is over. So, what things need to be deposited for the duration of the repair?

what things need to be deposited
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All upholstered furniture that people do not sleep on: a sofa from the living room, couches, armchairs, ottomans. It absorbs construction dust very easily. In order not to pay after repair for the restoration or dry cleaning of furniture, it is better to remove it from the repaired premises.


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Electronical appliances: TVs, plasma panels, computers, laptops, tablets are not a cheap technique that is not worth the risk. Dust and paint will easily get into it and it can also be ruined by hitting it while moving – and you will have to constantly move things and move furniture during repairs.


Clothes – outerwear and casual. Fabrics easily absorb caustic construction dust and odor. For the period of repair, seasonal clothes can be kept in containers too: coats, jackets, fur coats, summer raincoats, as well as seasonal shoes. Separately, you can pack clothes for going out: elegant dresses and suits that definitely need to be protected from damage.

The main mistake of everybody who moves is that they try to do everything at once – the same evening, distribute the boxes in the rooms, arrange the furniture that same evening and start living as usual. But this does not happen, in reality, after the move, people step over the boxes for another week and put things in order. In order not to sleep on the boxes, it is necessary to keep the things in the hired containers before moving.

What are the advantages of container storage?

advantages of container storage
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  • warmth – constant temperature;
  • clean – always a clean room;
  • dry – constant control of the correct level of humidity;
  • safe.

Agree, that keeping the things in a container is much more convenient than keeping them in dust and discomfort at home during the repair.


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