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Proper Watering of Your Lawn

A neat green lawn with juicy grass requires regular maintenance, which takes much time and effort. The lawn watering system, which can work according to a given program in automatic mode, will help to facilitate this task.

Automatic irrigation system

Automatic irrigation systems are used on lawns when watering with your own hands takes a very long time and effort. The most important aspect is that irrigation systems are installed before the lawn planting. There are two types of sprinklers used in these systems: stationary (or visible) and submerged. Drowned sprinklers appear on the surface of the lawn only during watering.

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The automatic irrigation system consists of an underground system of pipes and hoses, sprinklers, a large-capacity water container, pumps, strain gauges, rain sensors and a computer. Tensiometers transmit information about soil moisture to a computer. Rain sensors report that there is no need for watering at the programmed time, in the presence of precipitation. Such systems are calculated and installed by specialists from

Installation of a lawn irrigation system

The irrigation system is designed for full-fledged watering of the lawn by sprinkling. Thanks to the sprayers of the drip line, the soil is moistened evenly, without blurring the upper fertile soil layer, the roots receive enough moisture, and the grass remains fresh and juicy throughout the season.

You can also connect to the system trunk irrigation for trees/shrubs and drip irrigation for flower beds. Such watering is connected through a reducer that lowers the water pressure.

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To exclude the operation of the irrigation system in inclement weather, a rain sensor is included in the scheme. It is installed in an open place and connected to the controller.

Watering is one of the most important points for lawn care. Proper and timely irrigation will provide a beautiful view, stimulate plant growth and create a favourable climate. With a lack of moisture, the growth process slows down, the lawn grass turns yellow and begins to wither. Watering the lawn is necessary in spring, summer and autumn. Irrigation services will help you.

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