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How to Shade the Backyard Beautifully

Many of the happiest moments in life happen when we spend time outside. Perhaps it’s enjoying birdsong on the terrace, reading a book on the patio or having a barbecue with friends.

But since some live in areas where there is often a lot of sun and midday showers in summer, their outdoor dinners can be spoiled. To solve this problem, you need to find a way to cover the patio around your summer kitchen. Below you can find some ideas that will provide you with a lot of shade and save you from the rain.

outdoor dinners
Image by David Nisley from Pixabay

Ideas of canopies to hide from the sun

  1. Fabric sails

Shadow sails are simple and versatile designs for patios and backyards. Shade n net has many shades to choose from. You can also use different shapes such as triangles and rectangles. Add to them garlands for magical evenings.

  1. Living canopy

Vines such as grapes and climbing roses growing on a simple frame can create a lush and beautiful living shade canopy. Vines can provide shade from late spring to early autumn, and when it gets colder and leaves fall, more sunlight penetrates on winter days.

  1. Awnings made of natural materials

Indigenous peoples created shadow structures from local plant materials, such as branches, twigs, bamboo, palm leaves, etc. If you have such a style observed in the backyard, then natural materials will give that missing atmosphere.

shadow structures
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Awnings to escape the rain

You can also use woven awnings. If you visit website, you can read more about their characteristics and advantages.

You can also purchase polycarbonate or zinc awnings. These are static structures, so you will not be able to remove them every time you no longer need a canopy.

A canopy can not only be a protection against external factors that prevent you from spending time outside, but also become a wonderful addition in your backyard.

1th June 2022

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