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How to choose a kitchen so you don’t regret anything later

The kitchen is the heart and soul of any home. That is why it is so important to choose the perfect headset and not repent after it is installed. Articad kitchen design will help you decide how you want your kitchen to look. But still some questions remain unresolved.

How to take into account all the nuances

A modern kitchen allows you to create a space that meets the individual requirements of the owner. Before you start looking for the right kitchen unit, consider a few important questions:

Is the property in need of renovation? If yes, then it should end before buying a kitchen set.

Think in detail about the configuration and dimensions of future furniture, which should not occupy more than 20% of the area.

What appliances (including built-in and small household appliances) do you need and where will it be located? Do pipes and sockets need to be moved?

How much storage space do you need for dishes, groceries, household items? Think about how you can functionally use the available space through corner cabinets, pull-out modules, additional shelves, additional mesh baskets.

Consider where the dining area will be located and what furniture is suitable for it. If the area allows, you can put a large round table and stationary chairs. In a small kitchen, you can use a folding or pull-out table, bar counter, stylish folding chairs.

Are there non-standard corners, ledges, niches in the kitchen? How are you going to use them?

After the budget has been calculated and the general wishes for the future kitchen have been determined, you can proceed to a detailed study of the layout and the choice of materials.

Only by resolving all these issues, you can start creating the kitchen of your dreams.


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