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Fire protection for your home

A fire is a disaster that can cause significant damage to your house and that threaten the health and even the life of people.  This is why fire safety measures are vital.  When a fire spreads through a building, one of the barriers that can stop the flame is the door.  Installing a fire door unit is as much a preventive measure as equipping a room with fire alarms and extinguishers. Fire doors, when closed, slow down or block the spread of fire, and in the open state provide evacuation. The reliability of protection is a direct consequence of the quality of the materials, the quality of its installation, and the regularity of its maintenance.  Doors from Vigor Doors meet all the requirements these doors must meet. They are usually made from are fire-resistant materials such as aluminum, steel, plaster, and wood.  Correct installation of doors ensures their reliability, easy opening, automatic closing, and ease of use.  All doors are certified.  The manufacturing company is ready to fulfill special requirements by providing an individual design of fire doors.  Custom sizes, additional seals, custom-made fittings … It is also recommended to think about fire doors with glass.  The special tempered glass allows light to pass through and provides sufficient visibility to navigate in an emergency case.  Fire doors could be not only reliable but also beautiful.

FD is the standard used to classify a door for fire resistance.  The most common class is FD30 fire doors, where 30 indicates the length of time the door can provide protection.  There are also doors labeled FD30S where the “S” stands for the smoke.  They also provide smoke protection.

Be sure to purchase fire doors from reliable suppliers who can install them correctly.  Do not forget about maintenance and regular checks, and fire doors will fulfill their purpose to protect you and your house.


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