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Why Dry Cleaning of Things is Better than Washing

Of course, dry cleaning of things is not a new idea – back in the middle of the XIX century, a French tailor came up with the idea of cleaning clothes without the help of water. He started using liquid solvents and soap. Later, this method was introduced in the UK, and now dry cleaners use an improved version.

Modern companies that provide dry cleaning near me, clean clothes from dirt using special machines and non-flammable solvents. First, the thing is treated with a compound that dissolves dirt, and then dried with warm air in the car. But it is quite possible to repeat such a procedure at home.

Washed and folded laundry
Photo by Dan LeFebvre on Unsplash

Instead of water, special chemicals are used in home dry washing of things. They should be used to treat stains, and then dry clothes.

Advantages of dry washing

  • Does not stretch or pull off clothes. With the classic washing of things by hand or in the washing machine, there is a great risk of changing the shape of things.
  • Can be used for clothing made of delicate materials.
  • Copes with heavy impurities that are not removed by conventional means.
  • No need to remove complicated details. You do not have to take out shoulder pads or remove buttons before the dry cleaning service.
laundry is dried on a rope outside
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Which fabrics are subject to dry washing

  • Various types of silk — natural and some artificial.
  • Woollen clothing, for example, made of angora or cashmere.
  • Knitwear.
  • Things made of cotton and linen.
  • Velvet.
  • Clothing made of suede and leather or a mixture of fibres.
  • Things decorated with decor (rhinestones, beads, embroidery, lace).

Now you can wash things in a typewriter extremely rarely, but they look like new. Or you can take them to the dry cleaners, where they clean clothes.

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