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How To Properly Care For Hard Floor Coating

Hard floor is a durable, practical and wear-resistant material that is used for finishing a variety of surfaces. It includes stone, tile, porcelain stoneware. The advantages of hard floor coverings include:

  • Environmental friendliness: natural and artificial stone are distinguished by the absence of aggressive components that can cause allergic and other unpleasant reactions;
  • Practicality: the material is distinguished by its resistance to moisture, temperature changes, sunlight;
  • Durability: the service life of a hard floor covering is practically unlimited;
  • Decorative variety in shape, texture, color – all this allows you to find any interior solutions.

It is important to properly organize hard floor cleaning to make hard floors durable, attractive and beautiful.

How to take care of a hard floor covering

Care of stone floors and tiles requires taking precautions. These measures protect materials from damage, loss of decorative appeal, helps to extend their service life.  In order not to run into problems, it is important:

  • Refuse to use active abrasives, as well as unsuitable accessories (pumice stone, metal brushes). Despite the resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage, the appearance of stone, tiles, porcelain stoneware can be seriously affected.
  • Do not use products containing coloring components. The porous structure of the stone absorbs paint, which over time can lead to the acquisition of an ugly shade.
  • Pre-test new care products in small areas. The reaction may not occur immediately, so after processing, you should wait 24-48 hours to make sure that the product is completely safe.
  • Refuse to use home care tips. Experiments using vinegar, acetone, lemon juice, soda and other improvised means can turn into unpleasant surprises in the form of damage to polishing, color changes, the appearance of unexpected spots.

Armed with the useful information above, you can safely start cleaning yourself. If you do not like this process, contact professionals. The result will pleasantly surprise you.

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