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Scrapbooking and Shaker

What is a shaker in scrapbooking? This is a decorative element based on a hollow part (made of paper, tracing paper, plastic), filled with small decor, which moves freely and makes noise inside the part. What is scrapbooking without sparkles? Any shaker looks the most impressive and colorful with them.

You can stick to one theme and add only one color, or you can experiment and mix different shades. You can purchase wholesale glitter online through the special store. With these sequins, you can make any surface shiny and iridescent when viewed from different angles.

This is a fantastic type of dry glitter with unique properties. Glitter can be used to decorate and create drawings not only on paper – decorate brads, beads, volumetric figures, buttons and ribbons. If you combine glitter and 3D gel, you get a very beautiful effect that will be both voluminous and festive.

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