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Comfort and beauty: stairs to the second floor on a metal frame

Stairs to the second floor on a metal frame by bespoke metal works London are the best option for arranging the interior space of a two-story private house, both in terms of practical and aesthetic properties.

A staircase to the second floor in a private house on a metal frame has the following number of advantages. Firstly, they are durable. They have less absorption of space, the formation of lightness and airiness in the design style – compared to analogues made of wood, stone, concrete. They are inherent in maintaining performance throughout their entire service life and high resistance to aggressive environmental factors with proper surface treatment. It is possible to use any available mounting technologies – bolting, welding, concreting in the surface.

Depending on the principle of fastening the steps and the structure, the frame of the metal staircase to the second floor by luxurymetalwork.co.uk has the following modifications:

With strings. One or two special supports on which the steps are supported. The number of supports, the type and thickness of the material used depends on the width, weight and total load. It is characterized by reliability, durability and ease of installation.

With bowstrings. The structure has two-step supports. Compared to the above presented option, the design is more robust, but also the maximum massiveness and the volume occupied.

Console. Step frames are fixed directly to the wall surface by means of fasteners. This creates the visual effect of a floating staircase. It takes a minimum of materials to make it and takes up very little space.

Screw. A wooden ladder on a metal frame is mounted around a powerful central support, such as a pipe. Despite the fact that it is characterized by elegance and grace in the interior, it is inferior to all the modifications considered.

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